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Dog Food Free from Whites Premium Dog Food

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Yeah here’s some free dog food for you from whites premium and all you people who didn’t buy your dog something for Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanza or whatever else, it’s time to make it up to your dog.  Every year my dog gets bones and treats for Christmas.  Yes, he’d rather eat the plastic, and chew up the box the stuff came in.

Have you ever noticed how dogs meals sound more and more like something out of a fancy restaurant?  Whites Dog Food is stuff like chicken and rice, lamb and rice, or creme brulee.  Ok I made that last one up, but seriously dogs are eating better than me.  While he eats rice and chicken with a side of some awesome dog milk stuff, I’m eating yesterdays pizza.

So yeah spoil your dog, especially if you left him out on Christmas.  Get your own Dog Food Free from Whites Premium Dog Food.

Dog Food Free from Whites Premium Dog Food
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3 Responses to “Dog Food Free from Whites Premium Dog Food”

  1. Cheryl Parent says:

    Hi, I was filling in to get the dog food sample, and it just sat there, got stuck at my age group, I guess I am stuck, how do I get around that? Thank you, Cheryl Parent

  2. Michelle Drew says:

    I just filled it out fine myself

  3. Frances says:

    I just filled in formscruffy170 Frances

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