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Donate Food for Free to Animals and Starving Nations

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I like to donate, but in hard economic times it gets hard to donate food to placeslie the animal shelter to feed the animals and all those poor third world countries.

First off lets talk about how to feed animals for free.  The animal rescue site has a button which if you click once per day, you donate .6 bowls of food to the animals. This is paid for by the advertisers.  This means if you click a few different days you can get some cat a few bowls of food.

Start donating your click power VIA THIS LINK

Now let’s say you want to give free rice to the starving nations. gives away 10 grains of rice for every English word you properly identify.  You get to play a game about learning English and advertisers pay for third world nations to get rice.

Start giving rice VIA THIS LINK

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3 Responses to “Donate Food for Free to Animals and Starving Nations”

  1. dubbycop says:

    This is a great site! I have been going here for eon – I have them remind me to click everyday. And if you click on the tabs at the top of the page there are several other places you can donate too. But my favourite thing about it is that when I want something unique for a present (that I pay for) there are all manner of things you can buy that also helps out different groups. I am so glad to see it included here on this site.:o)

  2. Linda Fast says:

    FREE RICE is great. You can expand on your vocabulary in several languages and help out a fantastic cause.

  3. charissa123 says:

    just gonna check this out now, but WOW what a concept! and they say people are starving… everyone should be clicking this site. unreal idea!

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