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Eco Bag and Infant Formula for Canada Babies

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We love our babies, until they puke up their infant formula all over the new eco bag we got from Heinz.  Yes the fun of babies… for the girls the puke is cute, but when we puke, they think it’s digusting.  If the babies fart its awwww…. and when we fart? Clear the room, time for an evacuation!  Sure we love our babies, but couldn’t you find us cute once in awhile?

Once you sign up for either the Home Mailing or e-newsletter, you are eligible to receive a free Heinz Nurture woven reusable shopping bag! Just check the box below! Each bag includes a Newborn information pamphlet, a growth chart, and a full size sample of Heinz Nurture infant formula (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery).

Eco Bag and Infant Formula for Canada Babies
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6 Responses to “Eco Bag and Infant Formula for Canada Babies”

  1. zeinab says:

    free baby stuff and formula

  2. sa says:

    i never received it

  3. brittaini says:

    I received the bag, a LARGE CAN of the powdered formula, a crate of 12 liquid cans, a changing pad, and a growth chart. Its for real!

  4. jaegah says:

    i was able to received mine…minutes ago…thanks..the ecobag consist of baby formula, stuff to measure ur height and a brochure for new born…


  6. Me says:

    I Got Mine It Was Cool I didn’t knew I Would Receive a Large Can Of Infant Fourmula That’s Was Surpised Me :)

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