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Ensure Gift Pack for Free Samples for Canada

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Ensure is still giving away a free gift pack with what we’ve heard is a free sample of their ensure drink.  I love ensure, so much that I started mixing it into my cereal rather than milk.  I’ve got the 5 gallon jug in my fridge that keeps me going.  It keeps me big and strong, and the vitmans offset all that pizza I eat on a daily basis. 

So, see if you’ve got the taste like I have and get your own bottle. Did you think I was gonna share my  bottle as a free sample?

Ensure Gift Pack With Free Samples
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5 Responses to “Ensure Gift Pack for Free Samples for Canada”

  1. Karen says:

    This Ensure Free sample was offered earlier this year and I sent for it. It is perhaps the best free sample I have received – 3 bottles of Ensure and several coupons against my next three or four purchases. Took about a month to deliver.

  2. Diane Larsen says:

    We use ensure when we are sick, as my sugar level drops to much. As I cannot eat proper when Im Sick.

  3. PrayerRider says:

    I got an email May 29th saying I would soon receive the 3 coupons to apply towards purchasing the ensure packs, but I have still not received them yet. And I have not received any free sample bottles as yet, either.

  4. Louise says:

    I received my gift pack with three bottles of Ensure, plus three $3 coupons with expiry dates in 2010. Also, the coupons will be replaced once they are used.
    I was in hospital the entire month of April with severe side effects from chemotherapy. I was unable to eat, and survived on 4 bottles of Ensure HP per day.
    I liked it so much that since returning home I have replaced my morning coffee with a bottle of Ensure HP, which has much more nutritional value and tastes a whole lot better too!
    One of the best sample offers yet – thank you!

  5. Charlotte says:

    That`s wonderful! How does this stuff taste? I sent it to my friend with diabetes because we like to surprise each other with samples! I might order one myself… Looks good!

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