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Free Boot Repellant Sample for Canadians

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Do you need to protect your shoes from the weather and “biological hazards” (aka poo, or your pet poodle). If you do then this free sample of Nikiwax Waterproofing for your boots is just what you need. If however, you are trying to repell your dog or cat from chewing on them I don’t think it will work. Especially cause the free sample is envirnomentally friendly, so your pet wont even get sick (ech, I suppose that is good, right). The free sample is a 60ml bottle, but in order to win it you have to take a quiz correctly. We never liked quizes… so the answers are at the bottom of the page. The quiz is suppose to test you about envirnomental impact, but really it just asks you about what products they should use.

What the company says:
“Nikwax products are designed to protect people, clothing and equipment in the outdoors from weather and biological hazards. Nikwax aims to lead in terms of both product performance and low environmental impact, by upholding commitment to technical innovation, product quality, environmental assessment and customer service.”

The free sample:
click here for the free sample
*You gotta answer the quiz questions correctly, but you can play as much as you want and get the sample every three months.

The answers to the quiz (dont tell the teacher):

“Rinse off mud, clean with Nikwax cleaning gel, stuff with newspaper, treat with Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof whilst wet, dry naturally, put away

Water beads up and runs off the fabric

To clean paramo cascada trousers: Nikwax Tech Wash

To waterproof Nylon Rucksac: Nikwaxs Tent and Gear Proof

Evidence has come out that components/potential breakdown products from fluorocarbons are persistent in the environment and in human tissue. Nikwax safer routes to achieving durable ”

If you have any more answers to other questions to receive the free Canadian Sample, post them in the comment section! :)

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2 Responses to “Free Boot Repellant Sample for Canadians”

  1. John Parry says:

    please send me my free boot Repellant thank you.john

  2. Jeanne Barrett says:

    Can not wait to see this one.

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