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Free Canada Goodies and Stuff from Smirnoff

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Smirnoff is offering some goodies and stuff meaning they aren’t very specific what they are going to offer Canada for free, but we do not they have sent coupons in the past as well as recipe guides for using Smirnoff in the mail.  We wish Smirnoff would be kind enough to mail, but then again beggers can’t be choosers. 

Yes Smirnoff you’ve helped us on plenty of weekends, helped us forget about our usually boring lives for a bit, and what better mailing list to be on than yours?  Sure a few times you made me sick, made me forget what it was I did the night before and even ruined a few nights, but still you’ll always be number one in my fridge, even if sometimes you’re being poured into an empty grey goose bottle so that I seem a little classier for the evening.

Free Canada Goodies and Stuff from Smirnoff
Sign up via this link. Must be legal  drinking age or ask someone who is to sign up.

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4 Responses to “Free Canada Goodies and Stuff from Smirnoff”

  1. Linda Fast says:

    wow! a free drink recipe!

  2. Alley-Cat says:

    Yeah that free drink offer really sucked. How exciting. Its free! YEY ME!!!Not.

  3. pasquale says:

    looking forwaed to trying it

  4. Ena Walton says:

    Sighned up one before, never got anything, not even a recipe/

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