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Free Canada Mocha Monday Samples

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Sure it’s only Saturday, but the perfect time to get ready to get your free sample at McDonald’s of their Mocha coffee. When can you get your free McDonald’s Sample? That means you can get a free 8 Oz. Mocha or 7 Oz. Iced Mocha for free (Monday) until 7:00 PM. That doesn’t make sense… shouldn’t the Iced Mocha be larger then the non iced Mocha (to make up for all that ice). Hey, I don’t make the rules!

The free sample offer is also valid on Mondays for the next two weeks (Until August 4th), so consider this an early reminder if you missed it .

The free Canada sample:
Just go into a participating McDonalds and ask for it. No coupon Needed!

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3 Responses to “Free Canada Mocha Monday Samples”

  1. Flynn Fortier says:

    Sounds great

  2. Daria says:

    I went in and asked if they had the free coffee and they just looked at me kinda funny and said- I ONLY THINK THAT IS IN THE STATES!!!!!

  3. marsha says:

    Same for me they told me they knew nothing about it

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