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Free Canada Sample: 5 free workout visits Goodlife Fitness

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Who wants a to try a free sample of Canada’s best female workout place.  I know I do… too bad I am a man, and a creepy man at that.  So I understand why this free Canada sample is only for woman.  Dudes suck, they sweat too much all over the machines. I can only guess what it’s like in this place. Maybe all the girls run naked! That would be a sight to see. Well, while I can’t get this free Canada sample, if you are a chick you can get the free sample… maybe report back with how it is. Or if you are a dude, you can get this free canada sample to your wife as a suggestion. They love it when you tell them you think they need to work out.

The free Canada Sample:
click here for the free Canada Sample.

Yes I realize, they don’t have a location in Quebec. So not only are they man haters, they are Quebec haters too!

So I found this free Canada Sample thanks to MusicNut on our free canada sample forum

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3 Responses to “Free Canada Sample: 5 free workout visits Goodlife Fitness”

  1. Karen C says:

    This is a good gift BUT be sure your guard is up – their goal is to sell memberships and they approach you like that is the only reason you are there. If you are not sure what you want a membership (it’s a contract) then Insist on the trial BEFORE you sign up for a membership or you will be in a contract situation that is harder to get out of than you may realize.

  2. Karren D says:

    Come on, you won’t be in a contract situation if you don’t supply credit card information. Just enjoy it for what it is. Seriously…

  3. Shelly says:

    Just remember guys, if you are going to give this free gift to your wife or girlfriend, don’t do it while she’s in PMS mode, or around a special day for her (bdays or any other day that she finds special) cause she just might make you sleep on the couch for a few nights… I know she’ll be thinking that you find her fat or slightly over weight… If you do give it to her at the wrong time and she gets upset with you just tell her its all about health, that you care so much about her that you want her in great health… That might do the trick to get you out of the dog house ~shrugs~

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