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Free Canada Sample Alberto European Product (Coupon)

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This Free Canadian Sample is another one that makes use of Facebook.

*Sigh* I sort of have this past, with Facebook. And this free Canada sample reminds me of a time, not so long ago. I mean, when it first came out years ago, I really liked Facebook. . I was just starting university, and back then it was strictly for students. Helped me keep in touch with all my homies in a most convenient way. (Dear spell checker, “homies” means friends.)

But then it started to get to me. I started realizing that Facebook is:
a) a stalker’s deeeelight
b) too much info that I care not to see, and
c) a popularity contest

Long story short, I ended up getting it again under a bogus name. Strictly for getting pictures and the like. I guess “the like” also includes getting free Canada samples. Which is why you’re here today. (YAY for similar interests!)

Alberto European invites you to be their BFF of Facebook to receive a free Canadian sample of one of their products. On their main wall, hit the FREE GIFT tab and the rest is history.

This Free Canadian sample goes out to the first 20,000, so be sure to try sooner rather than later. And don’t be disouraged if the page doesn’t load properly right away. Tons of people are eagerly trying just as you are to get a piece of this hair styling pie.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to fan and style with this great free sample.

**Let us all bow in Musicnut’s general direction!

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6 Responses to “Free Canada Sample Alberto European Product (Coupon)”

  1. lisa says:

    Why do I have to join facebook to get a coupon?

  2. clare says:

    doesn’t seem to be working. When I click on “free sample”, it says that I have to be fan to get the free sample, so I go back, but there is nowhere to click to become a fan… ??? Am I missing something???

  3. Andrea says:

    Once you reach the Alberto Homepage, there will be a button right dead at the top that says “Like”. There will be a thumbs up on the button.

    If you STILL can’t find it, Go to Edit–>Find in your browser menu and type in the word “like”. It should highlight it for you.

    Good luck!

  4. musicnut says:

    Click the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook page (some businesses are changing their ‘Become a Fan’ button to a ‘Like’ button instead).

    Once you click their ‘Like’ button, you will be a fan. Then just click the ‘Free Gift’ tab. At the bottom of that page, there is another area that says ‘Click here to receive your free gift’. When you click there, you will be taken to this link to sign up for your free product coupon:

  5. Rainnie says:

    I agree I don’t want to join facebook again….I got sick and tired of facebook, so I deleted it. :-)

  6. Marsha says:

    I love Alberto VO5 products

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