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Free Sample Bag of “By Nature” Pet Food

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This Free Canadian Sample knows that you’ve been waiting for it.

Waiting for another day when you could  finally claim another bag of food for your dog slash cat of choice.

So here comes this free sample to the rescue. It’s a new company, but they all say the same thing.

Blah blah all natural blah. But in case you’re actually very curious (become a detective, why don’t you?), here’s what this free sample has to say about itself…

“Corn, wheat and soy can be tough on your pet’s digestive tract. That’s why you’ll never find it in a bag of By Nature® pet food. Crafted with only the best ingredients, our all-natural and nutritionally complete pet foods ensure long and active lives. So every time you put it in a dish, it says, I love you.”

Pets never love you more than when they’re about to be fed. Which makes sense, but is also kind of offensive all at the same time.

Let’s not think about. Let’s get on to the details about how to claim this free sample.

It’s a rebate, so you get a form in your email that you send back to them for a refund of your purchase. It’s for a whole bag, though, so it’s worth it.

The form is Canadian friendly (eh), bu the postal code part is messed up. Just put in 00000. They don’t mail you anything anyways.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to get the rebate emailed to you. And again, 00000 for the zip code.

**Musicnut strikes again!

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4 Responses to “Free Sample Bag of “By Nature” Pet Food”

  1. Teresa says:

    won”t allow a canadian postal code

  2. Lynda says:

    You must meet the following terms to qualify for this rebate:
     This offer is good only in the United States.

  3. Ywain says:

    The promotion accepts all the information until it requires the postal coce and asks for numbers only. How many locations across Canada would have the same digits?

  4. Beverly says:

    I emailed and you must be from the US to do this rebate!

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