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Free Canada Sample: Clorox Greenworks

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Who wants a free Canadian sample of Clorox Greenworks. Now thanks to a company called dataVisualize you can get this freebie. I don’t understand this whole green craze. Sure I am no scientist, so I won’t even begin to comment about global warming (because really I know nothing about it). But what is up with the green craze. I mean when you think of it, everything comes from the earth in some shape or form, doesn’t that mean that everything is green? Well there are lots of reasons that you may want this free Canadian sample regardless. Luckly I woke up first this morning, so I can write this freebie description before Nick had a chance to comment about how my apartment can use this stuff.

Nicks Apartment:

The free Canada sample:
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Question of the day: Do you believe in global warming? (Comment here)
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4 Responses to “Free Canada Sample: Clorox Greenworks”

  1. Stayergirl says:

    Nick needs hoarder intervention. LOL

  2. Maggie says:

    and a whole lot of garbage bags……… :)
    Seriously, thank you for the Clorox Greenwork sample link. Love the stuff. It works, it’s really no more expensive than their regular brand (or at least not by much) and the scent is awesome. Very fresh.
    I have allergies so am very careful with what I use.


  3. Karen says:

    I hear a snow plow can get rid of all that hoarder’s stuff too! LOL

    About global warming – Well, if you look at the history of the planet, it has been through several stages like the Ice Ages and the Dinosaur Age etc so I do not think the present climate changes are necessarily caused by humans though I do think we are not helping anything with the ‘throw away’ attitude we have. I believe in recycling – prior to 1950 there was very little throw away anything; now, everything is disposable. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that eventually we will run of places to stock pile the trash we make. So I am all for recycling and not convinced about global warming – sounds suspiciously like politicking to me – a little bit of truth with a lot of exaggerating and expanding.

  4. Dave says:

    Hey Karen. :wave:

    I’m all for global warming. Cause it’s flippin cold right now! I burn all the plastic I can in my fireplace, lol. Warm the Earth!!

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