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Free Canada Sample Comic Book Day May 1st

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This Free Canadian Sample comes to you a little bit in advance. But at least this way you can plan to keep some of your Saturday open to get in on it. Also, you may want to read upon a couple volumes and decide which comic you’ll go after.

So, this free sample is a real phenomenon. I’ve asked store employees, comic aficionados and the like (really, I have) if this Canada Sample is the real deal. Or some cruel, free Canadian sample hoax. And as it turns out, it’s the real deal. Something that comic book lovers do for each other in a 24 hour extravaganza of love.

Even if you’re not the type to peruse through comics endlessly as the real fans do, you can just walk into a store and pick up a free Canadian sample. For your younger brother, your boyfriend, whatevs.

Or conversely, you yourself may get caught up in the delerium, and become one of those rabid comic folk after just one free sample. In which case you will have found your calling, and a true band of faithful comrades.

This free Canadian sample happens all across North America, but you’ve gotta find a store near you. Some jerks don’t like to participate. So when you visit the link below, enter your postal code and off you go in that direction. And don’t forget your cape!

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to find out more and discover your nearest participating location.

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One Response to “Free Canada Sample Comic Book Day May 1st”

  1. Evelyn Daniels says:

    Not available in my area.

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