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Free Sample Gift from Rogers (for non-customers too!)

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You do NOT need to be a Roger’s customer to claim this Free Sample!#*&@#!

I can qualify for this free sample, though I technically AM a Roger’s customer (digital cable, woot woot!) I thought this was exclusively for cell phone owners.

Not so!

Well, I’m sure the promotion was made in mind strictly for customers. But you can just select Rogers Personal TV to avoid any messiness.

Anyhow, in order to show you how much they appreciate your loyalty in spite of their “wonderful” service, Roger’s is giving away really amazing free samples.

You can even pick which rewards you want, including…

  • 5 FREE song downloads from urMusic
  • Free 3-6 month magazine subscription (LOULOU, FLARE, CHATELAINE, MACLEANS, TODAYS PARENT)
  • A new release movie of game rental from Rogers Plus (not valid in Quebec)
  • 1 Free code to skin your MP3 Player/Phone ($14.95 value, can also purchase a $12.95 screen protector for your device)
  • Donate your Gift to United Way/Centraide

(I chose the 6 month free sample magazine subscription to Flare, in case you’re wondering.)

All of which has brought us to one mighty conclusion: Bell blows. And they certainly don’t give away such awesome Canadian free samples.

Honestly, have you ever tried calling them to solve a problem? If not, let me impart this piece of wisdom on you.

There is hell on earth. They’re called Bell Call Centres.

Regardless, Roger’s aint so hot either. But at least they’re willing to bribe us all into staying with them with these free Canadian samples.

The Free SampleClick here to rip off Rogers. (Select “Personal TV” when asked what kind of customer you are to keep things easy.) Offer ends Sept 30, 2010.

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this free sample, you should check out our Free Canada Sample Forum for Canadians. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST. It’s new and shiny and easy to use, and is waiting for you to visit it!

Orrrr you could always just visit us on FACEBOOK! Click here to do that and get free sample notifications on your news feed. You know you want to.

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4 Responses to “Free Sample Gift from Rogers (for non-customers too!)”

  1. Aline Carley says:

    Did not let me enter either mine or my husbands cell phone numbers, stating they were not valid numbers. We use those phones every day.

  2. Linda says:

    Only works if you have recieved the invitation from Rogers. I have a Rogers phone but am not elegible.

  3. leverlock25 says:

    You don’t need an invitation, folks!
    Try again and select CABLE.

  4. Constance says:

    Not able to do anything as I am NOT a Rogers customer..couldn’t even get close.

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