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Free Sample Glad Garbage Bag

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This Free Sample is trashy.

That is, not promiscuous or drunken, but literally related to trash.

In what they’re calling the Great Glad Giveaway, Glad is giving away free samples of their bags that are glad (as you might have guessed).

By the by, does anyone remember the Glad man?

Who used to wear a white suit that matched his white hair? And he would be the spokesperson for Glad bags such as this Canada sample?

He was so pristine and….clean looking. I have literally scoured the internet and cannot find a goddamn thing about this person.

I want to know his name more than I want the free sample! Woe is me!

And so I shall make this address: Glad Man, I hope you are well, wherever you may be. Please know that you shall forever remain in my childhood mind as that guy from the commercials with the impeccable suit.

Sexually yours, the free Canadian sample writer.

Please note: The ‘sexually yours’ was meant to be sarcastic. I do not actually have a thing for the Glad Man. Even if his company IS giving away free samples.

The Free Sample: Click here for zee bags.

**Props to TraceyC!

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One Response to “Free Sample Glad Garbage Bag”

  1. rose. says:

    I use glad all the time great bags

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