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Free Canada Sample: Healthy Weight Publication

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This is a great Canadian free sample.  Who wants a free Healthy weight publication and tape measure to see if you are at a healthy weight?

Top ten ways you know you are fat (and need this Canadian Free Sample):
6. When you need a waterbed, they put a blanket over lake michigan.
5. Your drivers license says “picture continued on other side
4. After getting fit for a dress, the store had to change “one size fits all” to “one size fits most”
3. After you put on a Malcom X tshirt, a helicopter tried to land on you
2. When you wore guess jeans, the answer popped out.
1. You were forced to be baptized in Seaworld.

Yes I know, weight is a sensative subject, especially for women. But we know you think about it. So you can get your free canada sample tape measure by signing up. Just remember to click the box for what you want.

The Canada Sample:
click here for the free Canadian Sample

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