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Free Canada Sample Maple Leaf Bacon (Facebook)

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Talk about two scrumptious free Canadian Samples in a row!

This one is for those of us who enjoy the salty, porky goodness that is bacon.

It’s funny, because sometimes I’ll spend up to an hour looking for a good free sample (it’s true!). But today? Today was different.

As soon as I saw the word bacon, my hand clicked it immediately. I knew, once and for all, that this was the free Canadian sample for the day.

Sure, I could have saved it and used it at a later time. But food and t-shirt free Canadian samples tend to go fast, even when there’s a large supply.

This one’s got 10,000 to give away. But I’m betting that by tomor, all opportunities for this free Canadian sample will have flown out the window. Possibly the day after, if you’re late (and lucky).

And hey, next time you’re in a public washroom (eww), look for this sign while you’re drying your hands…

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to put pork on your fork.

***Whoop whoop TraceyC!

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this free sample, you should checkout our Free Canada Sample Forum for Canadians. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST. It’s new and shiny and easy to use, and is waiting for you to visit it!

Orrrr you could always just visit us on FACEBOOK! Click here to do that and get free sample notifications on your news feed. You know you want to.

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2 Responses to “Free Canada Sample Maple Leaf Bacon (Facebook)”

  1. Linda says:

    I must be really dense,but I could not figure out or find how to get the free bacon coupon from the Facebook page. Help !!!

  2. shummai says:

    I could not get the free bacon sample

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