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Free Canada Sample Nintendo Wii Remote Jackets

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GOBBLE GOBBLE and all that good hoopla to you all!

This Free Canadian Sample is pretty damn awesome, I must say so myself.

I don’t personally own a Wii, but I know several millions of people do. So.

Nintendo is now including the Wii Remote Jacket for the Wii Remotes in all new hardware being shipped.

But they don’t wanna leave anyone feeling like the uncool kid in the corner who just peed his pants, so they’re letting the older purchases in on these free samples as well.

Nintendo is just awesome at keeping the romance alive like that.

I mean, just because you’re already in a relationship with Nintendo doesn’t mean you can’t be wooed, right? Canadian samples are for ALL customers, not just new ones!

All you hafta do is put your serial number (found on the back of the Wii) and request up to 4 jackets. Then free samples shall be a’coming.

The Serial Number will look something like this:

The Free Canada Sample: Click here to fling your Wii remote around without fear.

*Provided by the all-wonderful Musicnut!

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this free sample, you should check out our Free Canada Sample Forum for Canadians. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST. It’s new and shiny and easy to use, and is waiting for you to visit it!

Orrrr you could always just visit us on FACEBOOK! Click here to do that and get free sample notifications on your news feed. You know you want to.

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3 Responses to “Free Canada Sample Nintendo Wii Remote Jackets”

  1. Annette says:

    It says that my Wii came with the covers, so I can’t get the free ones. :(

  2. Frances says:

    I had the same message Annette….:(

  3. CHARISSA123 says:


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