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Free Canada Sample of USB Key

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So let’s say you’re a business man, and you are smoking a big business man’s cigar. And you are sitting at your glossy-surfaced, high end conference table. Looking out onto the view of your high-rise office onto the thousands of city-dwellers beneath you. Life is good, you suppose. (You like cigars and success, after all.)

But you really wish there was something you could do to connect with all these people you’re looking down upon. You twirl your mustache and adjust your monocle as you contemplate. You want to infiltrate their lives in some significant way, but you’re not exactly willing to skip while holding hands by day. Or braid each other’s hair and share secrets by night.

Why not give the Canadians free stuff? Who in their right mind (and even in their not-so-right-crazy-person-mind) would refuse something that’s useful and free? The answer is no one, in case you were wondering. That’s why USB for Free is willing to shell out a metric ****load of free USBs to us good-natured Canadians. Sure, they’ll have a  logo on them from whatever companies want to reach you, but it’s still a free USB.

This makes everyone involved happy. The round-bellied business man who wants you to see his brand, and the hungry, hungry consumer (not hippo) who likes to collect information and harvest it in small, convenient, technologically savvy packages.

The Free Canadian Sample: click here for the free sample…

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3 Responses to “Free Canada Sample of USB Key”

  1. Freebie101 says:

    This doesn’t come, i know a lot of people who tried for this in the past and hasn’t got it. :(

  2. Free Bee says:

    Site Q/A says maybe, depends on advertisers looking for you acording to your info… Also aplied for stress ball n beer glass :)))

  3. Evelyn Daniels says:

    Well, I signed up for this freebie. I hope it comes.

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