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Free Canada Sample Shiseido 1-2-3 Skin Care

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This Free Canada Sample is one of the more generous one’s I’ve seen.

(And I’ve been around the block a few times. Wwwwwwwink!)

Usually for us free sample folk in Canada it’s a free sample pen here.  A cereal free sample there. A perfume card here or there.

But THIS…this is something that makes the whole ordeal worth it.

Allow me to introduce you, ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies) to Shiseido. The oddly named, but epidermally minded beauty company.

They’re giving away a free sample skin care “packatte,” whatever the hell that is. But I’llllll take it! Here are the deets…

“Shiseido’s 1-2-3 skincare regimen brings you all the aspects of beautiful skin: moisture, smoothness and refined texture. Shiseido’s best kept secret is step 2 Soften, which replenishes the skin’s moisture after cleansing and prepares it for deeper penetration of serum and moisturizer. Your skin will feel these benefits more effectively than the conventional cleanser – moisturizer regimen.”

And hurry, friends! This free Canadian sample ends Sept 18th, 2010!

The Free Canada Sample: Click here to 1-2-3 your way to better skin with this free sample.

**Sank youuuu, Musicnut!

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this free sample, you should checkout our Free Canada Sample Forum for Canadians. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST. It’s new and shiny and easy to use, and is waiting for you to visit it!

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