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Free Canada Sample St. Ives Coupons

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This Free Canadian Sample is for those of us who need a little moisture in our lives.

Now, I’m not sure about where you guys live. But in Toronto alone the weather is absolutely ridiculous. The other day is was minus 4. And this upcoming weekend we’re supposed to hit into the 20s. What weather absurditites these are! And oh, what havoc they wreak on your skin!

Luckily, St.Ives is offering us Canadians a chance to claim $5 worth of free coupons for your opinion on three tiiiiiny little questions. You technically don’t even hafta look at them, just click an answer. They want to know what you think regarding their new product design. I think they look much better, but what say you, free sample seeker?

When you sign up, they don’t ask for a name. Which is weird. They just want to hit it and quit it, I guess (how rude). But you can always put it in the 2nd address line so that no one in your household (ie. bratty sister, sketchy roommate, what have you) can steal your swag.

All the standard rules apply. One per household, Canadian residents only (woot!), and up to 4 weeks for delivery. There’s only 10,000 so don’t sit on your hands like the procrastinator that you are. (I might be self-projecting, here.)

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to outfit yourself with a free sample of free coupons!

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2 Responses to “Free Canada Sample St. Ives Coupons”

  1. Evelyn Daniels says:

    Thanks for this freebie. No problem with the questions.

  2. SJ says:


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