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Free Canada Sample – Stuffed Animal Magazine (PETA)

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Yes yes yes, I know what you are thinking, this free Canada Sample is all about PETA. We all know about PETA and their free samples too. Yes they do come, but some people don’t like the way that PETA runs its campaign

Check out this PETA sponsored video making fun of the Olsens:

While I feel a little bad, if PETA is after you wouldn’t it be easier to just not wear fur? Regardless, you should know us posting this free canada sample is not this site endorsing PETA. It is just telling you about yet another free Canada sample. Anyway this free Canada sample sounds friendly enough since they call it a “stuffed animal” magazine, but who knows what their take on the whole issue is. Usually PETA has sent us different kinds of coloring books that are kid and baby friendly. Still we always recommend looking over the free PETA samples before giving them to your little one.

Get the free Canada sample via Copy and Paste the link (we would provide a direct link but it wont work)

We do like controversy though… so we want to hear what your view of PETA and their free Canada Sample is (comment here) . If your comment doesn’t come through right away its not because we wont post it! Your comments are automatically added in our moderation box (solely because of a massive SPAM problem). We will post your comment, just give it time.

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6 Responses to “Free Canada Sample – Stuffed Animal Magazine (PETA)”

  1. Pauline says:

    I am all for animal rights but PETA is completely disgusting. Taking a family show and adding pictures of tortured animals isn’t messed up to anyone else? If the Olsen twins decide to wear “entire families” of fur, then they should find another way of calling attention to it, instead of taking a once cute show and adding those horrible images. I joined PETA once upon a time but after they sent me a dvd that showed a raccoon being skinned alive and trying to get up completely skinned (which they show in that particular clip up there) with no warning on what i was about to see, i was horrified but for the wrong reasons. I’ve since cancelled all contact with this extremist group and choose to make my contribution by donating to our local shelter instead of funding those horror movies.

  2. Debbie says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the acronym for PETA’s magazine for kids spells H.A.M.?

    Come on PETA, really!!??

  3. Christine says:

    @ Pauline, wow thats AWFULLY disturbing. i agree, what in God’s name is wrong with PETA? they have crossed the line one too many times in my opinion. why must they go to that extreme? @ Debbie, wow, now that u mention that, it makes u wonder sometimes.

  4. Constance says:

    Intresting anti-spam word….
    I agree with the three ladies above. I also subscribed to peta but no longer open their e-mails because of the same graphic nature.{didn’t occur to me to un-subscribe..great plan lol}
    Doing to ‘Full House’ what they have just done w/the raccoon footage should be at least cause for penatly of some kind!
    peta is just as bad if not worse than the ones skining the raccoons showing this footage CONSTATLY! If there is a group somewhere out there to Ban peta I’d like to be advised of it!!

  5. trixxy says:

    I AM a member of PETA, & while I don’t agree with everything that is committed in their name, I have to disagree w/some of these comments. These animal tortures REALLY exist! Do you think that vid of the raccoon was Hollywood? I hope you were disgusted-everyone should be. But your mad at the wrong venue ‘putting it out there’. When really we have to stop this kind of trapping/killing, etc. Because it’s NOT necessary! As for becoming a member & than becoming disgusted-don’t blame PETA. You all obviously became members for a reason in the first place. Think of that reason, & than think of when you learn that kind of empathy. During your childhood! I’m not saying you have to agree with everything Peta does or stands for, I certainly don’t. But I also don’t sit around being an armchair critic while there is SOMETHINGS I can do to add a voice to stop animal cruelty!

  6. Karen C says:

    I am all for most things that are opposed to being cruel to animals but PETA’s methods are an abuse of humans – and we are animals too. I think PETA are the most disgusting creatures.

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