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Free Canada Sample “Womanity” Fragrance

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This Free Canadian Sample will make you more aware of your XX chromosomal arrangement.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance. It’s pink, it’s feminine, it’s “Womanity.”

I had a good laugh when I hear that one, but it gets the point across.

When Thierry Muglier makes a free sample fragrance, he knows what he wants. And for this fragrance, he pretty much wanted to create a lady in a bottle.

“Womanity, the first sweet and savory fragrance reflecting the new faces of femininity.”

The bottle is actually a little aggressive looking, and not particularly womanly (besides the fact that it’s pink). There’s a chain link on this Canada sample perfume from the  nozzle to the bottle that says “biker” more than anything else.

But what do I know? Thierry Mugler is a fashion designer. And I…..well, am just not.

So well done, Tierry. Well done on this free Canadian sample.

I’m not sure whether this one will be a small vial or a scented postcard, but here’s a tip if we end up with the crappierone.

Scented postcards, lame as they may seem, are great for putting in drawers of clothing.

Imagine, your underthings can smell especially divine. No one will be able to resist you in fragrant undies thanks to this free sample.

Ad in somewhat unrelated news, you might want to add these to your underwear collection…

The Free Canada Sample: Click here to smell like the womanliest woman around.

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One Response to “Free Canada Sample “Womanity” Fragrance”

  1. Peter says:

    This is crasppy-This free sample was exired the same day it was issued

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