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Free Canada Sample Hugo Boss Perfume

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Who wants a free Canada Sample of Hugo Boss Perfume? Montages are powerful things. They can make it seem like time is going by super duper fast, so you don’t have to sit there in real time and yawn. They can also make two people seem like they’re BEST friends, even though those 2 people are actors who may not really like each other. (Or who may be doin’ it after the cameras stop rolling, but who knows.)

They can also feature a pretty face like Sienna Miller’s, doing things that would be considered random and stupid on a less attractive person. But are meant to be perceived as cute and charming. Exhibit a: At one point, she picks up the perfume and starts using it as a phone.

No amount of Sienna Miller poses could make me buy this Hugo Boss perfume, but I’ll sure take a free sample of it. They’ve taken a cue from nature and have named their newest free Canada sample creation “Orange.” A scent which is scientifically proven to get your blood pumping, ps. Like big time olfactory arousal.

It’s like when someone in the room is eating an orange, and that scent just PERMEATES into your nostrils. In a way that makes you jealous of whoever’s eating that orange. You must scan the room and identify them immediately.

By contrast, if you’ve ever gotten a mist of orange juice in the eye when prying open the peel, it’s very unpleasant. And not recommended. Beware the mist. But try the perfume. Why not? Its a free sample?

The Free Canadian Sample:
Click here to get the free canada sample and give Sienna Miller a reason to practice better montage material…

Note: This free Canada sample one is thanks to musicnut who wrote about it in the Canada Sample forum! Wherever you are…

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8 Responses to “Free Canada Sample Hugo Boss Perfume”

  1. Pat says:

    Order page won’t recognize my postal code and is rejecting my free sample order

  2. Carissa says:

    Don’t space your postal code!

  3. clare says:

    a msg popped up saying it is unavailable.

  4. Carol-Ann says:

    I couldn’t get in that was not fair.

  5. judy dubeau says:

    can not get my free samples

  6. RA says:

    I have requested a hugo boss sample a few times now. I wil not try again. They just want to trick us into giving them our email addresses and not giving us the prommised sample. Shame on you hugo boss. The insincerity you have shown us gives us the opportunity to bypass their product at the stores

  7. Barb says:

    wont give me free sample says postal code does not match city. It does.

  8. Tiffany says:

    I actually got this sample 2 weeks after I filled out the form.

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