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Free Canadian Sample Nutro Pet Kit

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This Free Canadian Sample is one with an added bonus. Because who says the benefits have to stop with the freebie itself?

That’s old school thinking. And not cool, retro, hip-and-with-it old school. More like outdated, archaic, stones-to-make-fire old school. Allow me to show you the difference…

This free Canadian Sample company, Nutro, is a pet food manufacturer. And they are holding a contest to win a years supply of pet food. Simple enough, right? Well the  challenge is this…

How do you get people to take the time to enter a contest that they think they probably won’t win?

By also making a free canada sample. Just for entering the contest, you’ll get a free Pet Kit. Which is bound to include some sort of food pack, and maybe some other stuff.

Good technique (a free sample for your time). Bad promotional plan. So here’s my Maketing Plan 101: Avoid this by telling people BEFORE they sign up that they’ll get a free Canada sample. (Nutro only lets you know about this free kit POST sign-up.) Hire me, you bumbling companies, and watch the the business grow!

Anyhow, now that we’ve all been informed, you should take advantage of this free Canadian sample. If not for the grand prize, then at least for a consolation pet kit.

PS, there’s a form to fill out, but those fields aren’t actually *required*, so feel free to skip over ‘em.

(PPS, this is also valid in the US, so feel free to tell your Yankee Doodle friends.)

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to get a free sample kit of your own, and possibly 365 days worth of pet chow.

**Hip hip hooray for Musicnut! Find more free samples and tell us about the free samples you found on our Canada Samples Forum

Pshhhh, did you know Canada Samples is now on facebook??? You can now get facebook updates and other cool things. Like US!!

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2 Responses to “Free Canadian Sample Nutro Pet Kit”

  1. SJ says:

    “Your kits will be on the way soon!”
    notice the S in kits. I do have 3 pets so maybe they took that and each pet will have their own kit. Time will tell.

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