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Free Canadian Tshirt Freebie if you have a box of General Mills Cereal

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So how many people here have purchased General Mills Cereal? Okay… I am guessing most of you…. since you probably have some sitting on your table that’s why this Canadian freebie is truly free. If not work with me here! We are trying to find the best free canada samples available. This one is a pretty sweet deal… but you need the number from the inside of a box of a general mills cereal. Don’t want to buy the box? Steal one from a homeless mans house… Open the box take the number down… then return the cereal saying you don’t like it. I don’t care what you have to do, you want this free Canadian sample. It is a free canadian Olympic Tshirt freebie. All you gotta do is get the number and sign up at the form below. Enjoy the Canadian freebie!

The Freebie:
click here to learn more about this Canadian Freebie

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18 Responses to “Free Canadian Tshirt Freebie if you have a box of General Mills Cereal”

  1. Christine says:

    I have gotten 2 of these already. Youre allowed one t shirt per code. they are actually nice t shirts. they only come in red tho. i got one large i think for adult and let me tell you, its pretty long, so you might want to think about the size you want. not complaining tho, free is free!

  2. Maggie says:

    They come in white now too – limited sizes. I ordered the red ones -large for my brother and small youth for my young niece. I think they are great – would be better if the word cheerios was on the inside… Oh well….. oh and the took about 4 1/2 weeks to receive…not bad.

  3. Sandy Moxham says:

    I filled all the forms out and when I was to type in the security code it kept coming up security code error….I must of typed it in 30 different times…with all the frustration I realize that I don’t need a shirt that bad

  4. Peggy says:

    tried to order this t-shirt but I cannot get a confirmation. Checked all required areas and it will not go pass the 3rd step

  5. Maria says:

    I got 2 of these for each of my kids and they are really nice t-shirts. Not a heavy t-shirt but really comfortable and they did not shrink when i washed them. It came in about 5 weeks and totally free. Good deal!!

  6. kavitha says:

    tried to order this t-shirt but I cannot get a confirmation. Checked all required areas and it will not go pass the 3rd step

  7. kat says:

    I typed in the security code it kept coming up security code error.I tried entering each different code the website provided – must have tried at least 10 codes and then the page finally hung. I don’t need a t-shirt that bad.

  8. Heather says:

    I got my tshirt as well – it is of good quality and it so comfortable to wear. Support our athletes and show your support. Anyone not using their code pass it on to someone else. I’m having trouble to find the right boxes. It didn’t take long to get the tshirt either. I’d love to get my niece one (as she wants to compete in the next Olympics (equestrian).

    Send your codes in you won’t regret it.

  9. Sandy Moxham says:

    I tried again today….and kept getting the security code error…I am convinced this web site is trying to drive me crazy…or should I say crazier

  10. kat says:

    Still receiving an invalid code entered error on the GM website. I’ve tried so many times, I finally wrote General Mills using their ‘contact us’ link and advised of the problem with entering a code. Who knows, maybe they’re already out of tshirts!

  11. bonnie says:

    I have tried so many time, but the site just tells me its a code error. but it not. i have the code from the cereal box, just like they wanted, so , whats the problem, i hate it when they do that. i have even contacted gm website.

  12. RENA says:


  13. jen ryan says:

    ive recieved about 3 tshirts with this offer, excellent and free. i have had no problems, trying to get two more for the whole family.

    Make sure the box has the tshirt off on the front of it, some offer $1 donation (cheeriosbox) make sure it has the pic of the red tshirt…and it should have the code inside (its big cant miss it)


  14. joanne stubbs says:

    Okay, I have now contacted the company, they are not accepting either of my codes, and there is nothing wrong with them, they are new boxes of Cheerios. Hopefully, this will work and I will be able to give my grandson his t shirt.

  15. Luc Demers says:

    specially marked box required… So check if ur box was opened b 4 u buy it!!!

  16. Kat says:

    Ok; I discovered why my code won’t work! I called GM and they confirmed that the code I was using was for the Aspiring Olympians contest (enter your cereal box code and $1 is donated to the aspiring olympian of your choice). You have to purchase the cereal box with the picture of the tshirt at the top of the box to be able to use the code. Mystery solved.

  17. Carol says:

    Sent for them but they only had youth sizes left so will donate them when they come. My kids are all grown up.

  18. charissa123 says:


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