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Free Christmas Joy CD, Christmas Music CD

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Joy around the world, let’s get ready for deals, shopping, and a month of craziness waking up at 5 am to be the first to buy the latest Elmo toy, that laptop for $200 or just for the fun of standing in lines that stretch around the store. But, while we stand in line, we’ve got our Christmas Joy cd playing the best in happy Christmas music. This year we are going to try to remember that yes, it is just a toy, and tackling someone behind is not nice. Neither is cutting in line in front people who waited 6 years to get into the store, or hiding the sale items in the store 3 days before they go on sale. (Getting any holiday hints?) This year to beat the rush, we’ve thought about camping out inside the store, you know hiding in the bed section, until the store opens, all the while listening to our Christmas Joy cd keeping us ready for the holiday action that will unfold when the store officially opens.

Yes the Chaos is near… and this November 28th… we’ll be ready with our Christmas Joy cd.

Free Christmas Joy cd
every fifth person to sign up wins. We signed up about 3 times to win… but if you have multiple emails it is not too hard to win the cd free.
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