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Free Cologne Sample

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This article is all about bettering yourself or your man.

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a man who really, really smelled bad. Lets call him Ted.
Ted smelled so bad his nostrils had run away and his wife had left him. He couldn’t get a job and couldn’t keep a garden. If this is you or someone you know and keep a good distance from, get them very quickly to the nearest lake/ shower/ pond or puddle or order them a free sample of cologne.

If only Ted had known about this freebie.
He wouldn’t be so alone….

Dont end up alone! click here for Dunhill Pursuit
*For Dunhill Pursuit click the free sample link in the left corner

*Note from Scott:
Thank you Shiral for writing this post :). No I am not sure if this is a small bottle or a postcard, but free is free (so stop complaining ;0) ).

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3 Responses to “Free Cologne Sample”

  1. Hi to hwoever you are:

    How do you get you free samples? Is this a joke or what


  2. Kate Howe says:

    There is no link for a free sample on this site…..there may have been at some point, but there is no longer.

  3. amy says:

    LOL I think its a promotion as it plays a small commerical. Well it was interesting in checking out the site lol.
    Thanks at least it kept me busy for a few minutes and doesnt seem to be a bad demonstration either!

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