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Free Dunhill London Fragrance Cologne Sample

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As we add Dunhill London the Fragrance to our collection, we can’t help but wonder when we’ll get a date to use our DunHill Fragrance as well as our other wonderful free Cologne Samples.  So I decided to put a personal ad out on Craigslist.  I decided that I better not be too specific say I get a wider range of respsones.

Man, of an age older than 18, with open way of thinking, but close minded at the same time, sometimes may smoke or doesn’t smoke, who is not poor nor rich, nor not rich, seeks, a woman, with legs, and older than 18. Picture as seen below:

I’m the one on right (not the Governator or the older lady)

Wish me luck, I’m hoping for a great experience to use my cologne collection as I’ve said.  Yes I’m that guy in the magazine section ripping pages out all for those little cologne pages.  Yes I do have a portfolio seperating my ripped out cologne pages, all in order by brand.  Sure this makes me seem a bit odd, but aren’t we all strange in one way or another?

Free Dunhill London Fragrance Cologne Sample (and build your own collection?)
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2 Responses to “Free Dunhill London Fragrance Cologne Sample”

  1. Jodi says:

    Says not available at the moment

  2. Stephanie says:

    This sample is no longer available due to exceptional volume.

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