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Free Halo Pet Food Sample for Canadians EXPIRED

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just got my free cat food sample the other day. It was rather large and I was impressed even though I don’t have a cat. I looked at the hearty materials (tuna and other good stuff) and it made me hungry. I didn’t eat it (and don’t recommend you eat it either, as you could get sick), but it reminded me how much we care about our pets. If you got that sample, you might also want to get this coupon for $5 (or a couple free cans) of Halo Pet food. Quite Frankly I buy anything with the words Halo on it. I played that game for 5 hours when it came out. Okay maybe I didn’t, but Halo food is bound to be pretty darn tasty… for your pet of course… for who else! Seriously don’t eat the pet food cause you could get sick. However do give the pet food to your pet, he is getting sick of all of the people food you give him because you are too lazy to go out and buy pet food!

What your company says:
“Our natural pet care products are made with the finest natural ingredients available, designed to enhance your pet’s well-being, keeping your friend and companion healthy and happy — inside and out.
Products that are full of unnatural or adulterated ingredients can harm your pet by introducing unhealthy substances into their system. Our ingredients are all found in nature and are utilized for their positive effect on your pet’s health. We’ve spent more than two decades researching pet health and nutrition so we can provide the very best for your pet. That’s why we say that Halo products are “the care we owe them.”

The freebie Link:
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One Response to “Free Halo Pet Food Sample for Canadians EXPIRED”

  1. anna says:

    I have three little dogs Poms – i have to be evey careful as to what I feed them – so I am always looking for new ideas.. looking forward to receiving some great food !!!

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