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Free Kotex Lightdays Sample for Canadians

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So I thought I knew everything about free samples of Kotex, but apparently I don’t. Kotex says that Kotex Lightdays are the pad samples that you MUST have when it is not that time of month. They are pretty cool and make it easy for your area to breath. If you get a bunch of these, they also make pretty cool shoulder pads and if you use like 20 of them you can make a female verson of “the cup” (but don’t try that one at home). Of course you could also use it for the normal cleaning up messes too, or for its intended purpose (whatever that may be). Whatever your reason is for using the freebie… get your free one today. Guys, don’t have a reason for the freebie? Give it to your neighbors!

My neighbors after I gave them all of my feminine product samples I have received in the mail:

The free sample for canadians:

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8 Responses to “Free Kotex Lightdays Sample for Canadians”

  1. Jenny says:

    Costco membership required again

  2. Julia says:

    Costco membership is not required! :)

  3. alvin says:

    I will give to my daughter to try.

  4. alvin says:

    i will give them to my daughter to try.

  5. zeinab says:

    free samplefor kotex lightday with wings

  6. Lins says:

    cant wait to get my free sample

  7. Colin says:

    Reminds me of a story…

    The lesson had ended early, and the teacher, in the interests of keeping the class orderly, decided to ask the kids what they wanted for their birthdays.

    Little Bobby said, “I want a new swim suit, so I’ll be ready when school is out, to go swimming all summer long.”

    Little Patty said, “I want a tennis racquet, so I can hit the courts all summer long.”

    Little Judy said, “I want a pony, so I can ride all summer long.”

    Little Johnny said, “I want some Kotex Lightdays.”

    The teacher was rather shocked at this response, and asked, “Little Johnny, why would you want Kotex LIghtdays? Do you even know what they are for?”

    Little Johnny answers, “It doesn’t matter. I saw the ad on TV, and those people who get ‘em have la great time swimming, playing tennis, riding horses, and all sorts of other fun stuff!”

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