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Free Learn German Language CD for Canadians

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I learned German and it took 3 years, now I am pretty fluent….  But what was the reason? Traveling Europe is great and locals appreciate the fact that you know their language.  We just love youth hostels… honestly half the trip is youth hostels…

2 am: A Dutch guy comes in the hostel room saying hey “Who Vants to Pahteeee?!”

3 am: Woken up by another guy screaming Jesus, Jesus forgive me Jesus… (the prayer lasts an hour)

5 am: The lights turn on and some Australians… they are everywhere!… enter the room and apologize for the lights…

6 am: A german guys starts screaming in German, but you unable to understand, you simply say ok and fall asleep.  You wake up laying next to Herr Wolfenstein who, takes up more than half the bed and is wearing nothing but a purple thong…

If only you had learned German!

Now you can learn German Free with this Free CD!

Check it out, it ships right from Germany!  Get it via this link. Now Expired!

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