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Free Makeup Bag from Slimming Solutions Canada

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So I have always wondered where I would put all these free makeup samples I got. To be honest I don’t even use the free samples I get. I put them in my free sample drawer. Eventually though the free sample drawer turned into a free sample closet. so when my friends come over and question if the free samples really arrive, I show them the massive amounts of free stuff that I get. They are jealous with all the free tampon creations I made. Everyone loves dudes with extra tampons. I even use the eye liner free sample every once and a while just to show off. But that is a mess! Luckly for me, I found this free Makeup bag offer available for canadians just for Signing up at the slimming solution (and confirming your e-mail). Sure they may send you messages… but at least I have a place to put all my sweet tampons. Get your free canadian freebie by signing up at the link below.

The Canadian Freebie:
Click here to get the freebie.
To get the makeup bag freebie you must confirm your e-mail address. We always recommend using a specially designated SPAM e-mail address when signing up for free canada samples. This way you can confirm your e-mail address without your e-mail getting bogged down with spam from the companies supplying the free sample.

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9 Responses to “Free Makeup Bag from Slimming Solutions Canada”

  1. carlyincanada says:

    Thank you! I signed up..

  2. George White says:

    Canadian Government is just SCAMMING people to get our credircard info……….yes like thousands of people I sent the required $1.75 (plus E-bay charges) then the Scammer tried to withdraw $74 several times but I had emptied my PRE-Paid mastercard…so several times mastercard deducted my card 50 cents several times for insufficient funds. SHAME words fail me.
    I am 71 year old pensioner striving to support my young wife and baby.

  3. Brenda says:

    I signed up. Thank you

    George…. no money… no credit card…was requested at this site. I have NEVER given my credit card or banking information for ANY of these freebie offers. If it needs a credit card…. then it’s not FREE… so don’t do it.
    Good luck George for you and your family.

  4. Anna Newman says:

    This sounds interesting. Good idea

  5. Val says:

    I never seem to get the conformation email they say their sending for me to get the free bag

  6. Lynda says:

    ”A system error occurred while processing your request.”

  7. Star says:

    So confused, I signed up for VIP but didn’t get any confirmation of anything???

  8. Sara says:

    I never got a confirmation email about getting the free bag either! Now I feel bad for giving away my address if I don’t get anything ahha

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