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Free Moosehead Cooler Bags (first 4000)

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I like free beer samples! If you like free beer samples, and are expecting one here, you are going to be super dissapointed. That is because this isn’t for a free beer sample, but for a free Cooler Bag. Still what good is free beer if it isn’t cold? So while you are going to have to buy the beer, at least once you have it you can keep it cold… if you act quick. Limited to the first 4000. So GO GO GO GO

The Freebie link:
CLICK HERE for the free sample
Oh yes you need to have a UPC from a moosehead product to register:
Pshhhhhh Moosehead Pale ale UPCs:


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3 Responses to “Free Moosehead Cooler Bags (first 4000)”

  1. len says:

    tried to submit info for free cooler bag nothing happened
    whats up with that

  2. Jeanne Barrett says:


  3. Linda says:

    when do u think we’ll recieve them? must be after march that they start sending them out right?

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