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Free Nestle Baby Backpack & Samples

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Do you want a free baby backpack and samples from Nestle? Well hurry up cause now is your chance. So you are probably wondering what the hey is up with all these free baby samples. Companies love to give free products for babies out since they know that if you like the product you will buy a ton more (think of how much money you spend on formula and baby diapers You might even be a little pissed off if you don’t have a baby, but if you don’t you shouldn’t worry. This free sample is great for single guys too. Women love guys who carry around baby bags. It is not just a baby bag too, you will probably get some free Nestle Baby formulas. So if you are a guy, give the bag to your mother friend… or carry the baby around asking hot chicks in the park, if they have seen your little one. Then ask if they have a phone number so you can call them to check up later to see if they found them. Trust me… works every time! Enjoy the freebie

What the company says:
“We know being a pregnant or new mom is a twenty-four hour job. Scary and exciting, all at the same time. That’s why we created the NESTLÉ BABY™ Program and website just for you. Designed to give you the information and support every mom needs – through every little baby step — from the start. So the day your little wonder smiles back at you — you’ll realize you’ve become what you’ve always known you could be. The best mother in the world.”

The freebie link:
click here for the free baby backpack and samples
* Signup spot is on the bottom right

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13 Responses to “Free Nestle Baby Backpack & Samples”

  1. Linda says:

    signed up but never got anything yet…
    did anyone else?!?

  2. Karine says:

    I did signed up and receive the backpack and the sample after… about 3-4 months! It took a long time, but the backpack is realy cute. I signed up with Thyme Maternity in the summer…

  3. Emily says:

    I’ve had this freebie twice before with pregnancies. It arrices a month or two before your due date. HTH!

  4. Linda says:

    Hey. Thanks a lot. I ordered mine like in November but am still waiting for it. My due date is April soo… maybe it’ll come in February which is also like 4 months later! THANKS!

  5. Jill says:

    got this one today, really nice, great backpack thank’s for the link…

  6. Connie says:

    I just received mine today, and the backpack is really nice looking..Thanks a lot for the link..

  7. Valerie says:

    I signed up for mine March 23rd and got it April 1st.
    I loved it ….I can’t believe that they give this backpacks away with all goodies….this was fantasic….also it was my very first freeie.

    What a way to start out

  8. debora says:

    thanks for the wonderful baby backpack and supplies. it was awesome

  9. elena says:

    i ordered it also and did not received it for a long time ..i decided to call nestle to see what happened and they told me that is because i did not requested the formula too ..i wanted only the backpack because the baby is due in june and did not want past date things…so i asked for the formula too…and guess what …they sent me 2 backpacks with 2 formulas …so for the ones that did not receive nothing fast(because they are fast)…try to see if this would be the reason…

  10. claire says:


    It was so great to get coupons and samples and baby back pack it really is well made and some of my friends are filling in coupons to get products or rebates a real find. thanks claire

  11. mAR says:

    This comes close to your due date

  12. Kate Ledrew says:

    THANKS!!! GOT MINE & LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Marg Biernat says:

    Got my backpack in about 1 month, it’s really nice, it’s black with a pink and blue heart on it. Inside there was a large container of formula, a baby bottle and some breast feeding pads. Awhsome Nestle ! Thank You

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