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Free New Yorker Special Addition Inauguration Cover

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Okay… so we get it, you’re Canadian, aye. You don’t care about everything that happens in the United States. In fact the truth is most Americans don’t even know who Canadian’s Prime Minister is. I bet you some don’t even know that they have a Prime Minister. So why in the world would you want this free copy of the New Yorker. Not just any copy, but the inauguration cover of president elect Barack Obama. Especially when we all know how much you love Bush?

How can you not love this guy:

Well… if you are excited about Barack Obama want the free inauguration cover get a copy HERE

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2 Responses to “Free New Yorker Special Addition Inauguration Cover”

  1. Janet Sato says:

    Please send copy to me. thanks

  2. Ann C says:

    well gone are the days of BUSH YAHOO!!!!!!!
    and I’m Canadian so why the Yahoo….
    Well hes a bit off the wall…thats why…don’t have to see him on Saturday Night Live anymore..I HOPE….

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