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Free OB Tampon Samples for Canadians

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Hello. My Name is Scott and yes, I love tampons. Well, tampons, pads, big, small for heavy leaks, for light leaks. Yes, I have a problem. I just love receiving free samples at the door, and lets face it, it seems like the most free samples for Canadians deal with female products. But thats okay… see we all know the many uses of tampons. You can make your neighbors think you are not a crazy lonely person, and live with a woman (when they see your tampon box outside your door). You can also use it for tampon guns, for cleaning up messes or to really freak out your mother (just leave a few open ones around the house). The uses are endless. So get your free canadian sample today!

The freebie link:
click here for the free canadian sample

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3 Responses to “Free OB Tampon Samples for Canadians”

  1. bayley says:

    how do i get this stuff all i get are emails from you cause when i made my account you guys didn’t ask for my adress!

  2. mark says:

    I am a single father and could use any free stuff.I’m also part of a 96 unit complex where I am am actively living.I would be greatful to try products and tell others about the

  3. admin says:

    mark you want some ob tampons? click the links on the bottom fo the posts to get the free samples!

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