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Free Orange Julius Smoothie (June 19th)

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So this Canadian freebie is available anywhere where there is Orange Julius locations. They generally have the Orange Julius locations attached to Dairy Queen Locations in the mall. Why do they have to call it Dairy Queen anyways? So it has to be the woman who makes the dessert while the dude sits and watches telivision? Why not dairy dude? Dairy King? Okay so we all know Queens rule over kings so that is clearly why it is Dairy Queen. What does any of this have to do with your free Orange Julius Smoothie that you can get tomorrow (June 19th). I don’t really know… but get the free sample from the coupon below.

The Canadian Free Sample:
Its over and expired

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Expired, Not Free ?

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2 Responses to “Free Orange Julius Smoothie (June 19th)”

  1. JEANNE TARDIF says:


  2. teresa says:

    The store(Sherwood Park,AB) had the free advertisement posted and the website on how to down load a free coupon—
    nice size serving and very delicious

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