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Free Peanut Butter & Olive Oil Sample for Canadians

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Peanut Butter and Olive Oil go together as well as, well… peanut butter and olive oil. Why choose which one you want to put on your bread when you can have both, but not together because that is just gross! Uhhhh, I mean… maybe it isn’t that gross, as that is what these two guys are selling. Their goal is to provide you with healthy living. I guess Olive Oil and Peanut Butter is the way to do it. This is all compliments of Hearts and Minds, a company started by two dudes in Woodridge, Il. So if you are allergic to peanut butter or olive oil this might not be for you.

Get Ready to Dance:

What the company says:
“You might be wondering how a peanut butter with olive oil and omega-3 might taste. We know that we tried to make the best tasting peanut butter ever – working with Wil Parker, one of the world’s peanut butter experts down in North Carolina. We know that in taste test after taste test people have been absolutely bowled over by the delicious taste of our peanut butter. We don’t know if it’s the smoothness of olive oil, the premium peanuts or our unique formulation that gives us such great taste, but we figured we could take this chance.”

The Canadian freebie link:

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    Thanks guys! Really appreciate NICK and SCOTT for providing us with such great stuff and I love the fact that they’re able to send me all the new updated samples right to my inbox!
    Great jobb! :D
    Even on wierd things like this… lol

  5. Star says:

    Can’t find where

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