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Free Sample Rainbow GLBT Calendar

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This Free Canadian Sample is a very colourful affair. Hence the whole Rainbow theme.

I can see bad things happening with this free Canadian sample. Not because it’s a bad product (it’s only a calendar after all). And not because of what it supports either (which is gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans rights).

I can see bad things happening if you’re the type to NOT support gay rights, and you get this calendar without expecting anything different. You should probably open your mind up to new possibilities in any case, but I can see a disgruntled person opening their mail and becoming even more disgruntlier.  (Thanks, Spell Check. I know it’s not a word.)

Anyhow, for the rest of you folks, this is a nice free Canadian sample, and all for a good cause. And if you don’t believe in this kind of thing, I’d ask you to kindly click on elsewhere in your online journey. Let’ pass by each other amicably, k?

Another nice aspect of this Free Canadian Sample is that you can request up to 2 items. So if you’re SERIOUSLY popular, you can always consult calendar A for social events, and calendar B for professional ones. I wouldn’t need that, but hey. Maybe you’re significantly cooler than the rest of us. (Cha!)

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for scheduling delights.

**Musicnut & Meguinn to the rescue on this one.

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One Response to “Free Sample Rainbow GLBT Calendar”

  1. Beatrice REID says:

    love this

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