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Free Rejection Hotline Numbers for Canada

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Free Rejection Hotline numbers… finally something we can use. Have you ever been to the bar and had somebody hit on you none stop (happens to me all the time). Finally to get that person off your back… you give them the wrong number. But CRAP! You can’t think on your feet… the other person quickly notices you are one digit to short (comeon use your imagination here). Have no fear, your free rejection hotline numbers are here. Simply give them one of these special numbers. If they are still not getting the point, have them call it on your cellphone in front of you so that “you can get their number too”. Oh yeah, if you have any problems receiving your Canadian Samples… please feel free to give us a call at 514-667-0361.

The rejection hotline numbers:
204-272-3976 (Winnipeg)
250-984-0686 (Victoria)
403-775-9982 (Calgary)
514-667-0361 (Montreal)
519-488-2355 (London)
613-686-3620 (Ottawa)
647-476-4910 (Toronto)
778-786-8557 (Vancouver)
780-669-5270 (Edmonton)
905-963-0318 (Hamilton)

Dude… Chicks (and guys) always dig foreigners… So if you are pretending to be a foreigner you can use these numbers as well (way too much to fit in one post).

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4 Responses to “Free Rejection Hotline Numbers for Canada”

  1. Ann C says:

    wow can anyone help me I tried umpteen times to go to get this free sample and all I get is the dog..(might as well be mine) LOL and cannot access anything to get sample


  2. Lucy says:

    The winnipeg one is down! :*(

  3. sangye says:

    this website is WAY out of date. the rejection line number is now for a callin g card service by the sounds of it LOL Another 10 or 20 years of this nonsense and you wont be able to find accurate information on the web ROFL

  4. Dave says:

    Is there a new number for Calgary?

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