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Free Sample of Summer Escada Perfumes

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Escada perfume is dishing out free samples of their fragrances. We’re told that they are only a one-time sample thing. Visit their Facebook page + “Like” them then click the free sample button and submit the form.

No one likes to asphyxiate from other people’s overbearing fragrance…

free sample

Free Sample Escada Perfume


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5 Responses to “Free Sample of Summer Escada Perfumes”

  1. lary luchinski says:

    love samples

  2. Mary Lumsden says:

    the perfume sample keeps saying error-tried too many times

  3. Marisa Young says:

    Love samples!!!!!!

  4. Marisa Young says:

    gotta love it

  5. Tracy says:

    I’ve filled in all the information requested and continue to receive an error message upon submission.

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