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Free Sample 2 Harlequin Books & 2 Mystery Gifts

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This Free Canadian Sample is for zee ladies!

And most likely the older ladies. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I urge you younger females to get in on the bizz.

The bizz I speak of is not the free Canadian sample bizz. You’re already doing a good job of that by being here.

I’m specifically talking about the erotic novel bizz. That’s right, I said it.

Erotic novels like Harlequins are a HUGE, powerful, throbbing phenomenon with women all over this biatch. And it’s one you should seriosuly consider joining.

Sounds lame, but if any knows the value of dirty words, it’s me (and the good people at Harlequin).

You get 2 free sample books, and then two free mystery gifts! Last time, I got some kitchen knives, super random. But free samples, so also super awesome.

All yours to keep without obligation to buy. Just make sure to send the invoice back with a huge CANCEL on it immediately. And all will be well.

You may snicker and giggle at this Canadian sample, but then you will suddenly become aware of the feeling between your legs.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to take part in the phenomenon.

**Woot woot, Muscnut!

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3 Responses to “Free Sample 2 Harlequin Books & 2 Mystery Gifts”

  1. Denyse says:

    I can’t really get through those type of books just not into them, I love love just not the BS kind as are in those books but, I do love surprises in the mail happy days~

  2. Christine says:

    Last time i ordered these kinds of books i got 4 books and the free gift was a steak knife. i immediately sent the invoice back marked CANCEL and all was well. has anyone ever noticed that like 99% of these book clubs or whatever you call them ALWAYS sends a steak knife as the free gift? lol not only that, but in a way that s a concealed weapon, lol. or it could be that maybe we could use the knife to cut the books up because they suck, lol, idk. anyways, i always enjoy these books. :)

  3. Really not into this type of book !!! Thanks anyways. Hey, the free gifts, I”ll take

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