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Free Sample 2 Honey Love Vibrators

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This Free Canadian Sample might make you blush a little bit.

Bring a little colour to those cheeks.

But do not be shy, folks. Nothing to be ashamed of, here. This is a safe space.

So, I won’t get too deep into the details of how this particular free sample works. Or what you’re supposed to do with it.  Or my own personal experiences with it.

For any other product, you guys know I would. But this one is a smidgen more sensitive than those other Canadian samples.

I WILL, however, explain how to claim yours. And I’m doing it right now. So pay attention…

1) Click the green “Click here” button below the 1-2-3 bubbles.

2) Register your new account.

3) Click link in confirmation email.

4) Register the rest of your details. You will see you have earned 500 points just for signing up.

5) Click “Redeem My Points Now” with anything that fits the value and check out with your Canada free samples.

You’ll get 2 toys that are 250 points each, so that’s great. International shipping is free, so that’s also great.

And yes. Plain packaging is guaranteed.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to go on with your fine self!

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8 Responses to “Free Sample 2 Honey Love Vibrators”

  1. Dorian says:

    Merry Christmas to all :)

  2. Denyse says:

    You are just to funny! Merry Xmas to all
    I think I am gonna pass on this one. but thanks for the
    as always great post.~

  3. jane says:

    this is no longer valid or out of stock first point range is 600

  4. Marlene says:

    I never did get my confirmation email after registering my new account 2 days in a row. What gives?

  5. Pablo says:

    750 points required

  6. connie says:

    you cant get anything, you need 750 points to get anything, not 500

  7. Katie says:

    When I e-mailed them regarding not getting my confirmation e-mail, and also not receiving the package (when it said it should be here by Jan.11), this is what it said:

    “The scheme to offer 500 free points was introduced as a good will gesture for our customers who have purchased items from LoveHoney. Sadly, this scheme was advertised on some Canadian websites which meant that we were inundated with orders from people taking up the offer of two vibrators. The offer of two vibrators was also made and intended for our customers as a little Xmas thank you for buying products from LoveHoney over the year.

    We were clearly unable to meet the demand after the offer was advertised on other sites and the offer was therefore withdrawn and all orders were cancelled.

    You can still use the points you have been awarded of course. If you make a purchase from LoveHoney you will be awarded further points and these will be added to the 500 you have earned when you opened your account. You can also view details about all the products you can buy using your Oh Points by login into your account.”

    We’ve been caught!

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