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Free Sample Achooz Saline Nose Wipes

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This Free Canadian Sample makes excellent use of words.

But first, a story… Remember that one episode of the Simpsons? Where Ralph gives Lisa a Valentine’s card? They’re on the swing set, he hands it over to her, and it says: “I cho-cho-choose you!” With a picture of a train on the inside. Hiyooooo!

But enough of memory lane. This free Canadian sample brand for today is called Achooz. (Hence my choo-themed story above.)

They make wipes with saline on them (they same stuff in those nasal sprays), so they work to dissolve mucus and relieve you of otherwise mucus-y affairs.

And there’s also something to be said for discretion with this free Canadian sample…

“Achooz have been developed for your comfort and ease of use. Toss a re-sealable pack of Achooz in your purse, briefcase or pocket and use one the moment you need it. The saline will help you to breathe again and the aloe and vitamin E will prevent others from paying more attention to your nose than to you!”

And there you have it, ladies and gents.

You’ll get menthol and scent-free packs, so feel free to wipe that nose with your own preferred flavour.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for the appropriately named wipes.

*Hurrah for Musicnut!!

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One Response to “Free Sample Achooz Saline Nose Wipes”

  1. Kerri says:

    Sounds like something I’ll need come the “cold & flu season”.

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