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Free Sample “All You Need is Cheese” Magazine

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This Free Canadian Sample is scrum-diddley-umptious.

It’s about cheese, you see. *sigh* One of the most heavenly dietary gifts the human race has ever received.

Think about it. No other animal really cultivates dairy to the extent that we humans do.

Animals use milk when they’re young, and then never again. But us? We continue to ingest it in its more delicious forms as detailed by this free sample.

“All You Need is Cheese” is a recipe magazine published by the Dairy Farmer’s of Canada. To help you and your cheese realize your full potential, they’re giving away these Canada sample publications filled with ideas to spice up your meals.

Disclaimer: For some reason, Quebec is not included in this fun. Perhaps because French cooking is much more cultured in general?

Quebec invented POUTINE for Pete’s sake! They already know what to do with cheese!

But wait. This free sample is just part of the story! If you’d like to do MORE with cheese, observe this large, round man making cheese sculptures of other large, round men.

This is not the sort of thing you’ll find in today’s Canadian sample, but we can all dream. Can’t we?

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to dream of cheese. (Sorry, Quebec! Sadface.)

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2 Responses to “Free Sample “All You Need is Cheese” Magazine”

  1. Jean Duggan says:

    While we Quebecers cannot get this cookbook from the Dairy Farmers of Canada, we CAN get a free 2011 calendar from them. I spoke to a very helpful lady at their marketing HQ at 514-284-1092 Ext. 233. Just put a note in a 9″ X 12″ self-addressed envelope stamped with 4 stamps ( totaling $2.00), to say how many calendars you want (max 2) & which language. This envelope fits nicely into a business-sized envelope when it is folded into thirds. This offer is valid right across Canada.

    Thank you for your many, wonderful samples, and the necessary research involved in compiling them. You are the best at what you do!! : ) No BS.

  2. leverlock25 says:

    You are just the nicest person ever!

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