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Free Sample Antivirus Software From Microsoft

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Dear Hacker, we’ve known each other 2 months, but I am installing this free antivirus software from Microsoft, a free sample offered from Canada Samples. to terminate our relationship. Without this free sample, you infected my computer with a trojan. We met when my screen started flashing and randomly shutting off. At first I thought it was funny. I started thinking about needed a free sample like this after you stole my email address a couple times, but we had our laughs. Things started getting serious, when without this free sample, you start getting a little bad in my microsoft xp computer. I thought you were just trying some foreplay, but it got a little too intense. You stole my bank account number to go out to dinner. That’s when I realized you spent $24 at TGI Fridays and charged it to my account. Was this a sign that you found someone else, you were cheating on me? So that was the last straw, I am ending our relationship by installing this free sample of antivirus from microsoft. It is the perfect free sample to keep you away from my computer. Besides since most people aren’t protected from hackers like you I’m sure you’ll find someone else…

Free Canada sample Free Antivirus From Microsoft
Perfect for keeping your computer free from viruses. Requires a real copy of Windows. Get it via this link

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One Response to “Free Sample Antivirus Software From Microsoft”

  1. Constance says:

    Way too cool!!
    Thanx sooo much guys, I think this is the first awesome Free Sample I’ve recieved from this site, well, maybe not but what a great treat!
    Works like a charm and free, wholly man, who wants to pay for virus protection when it can get quite costly and not always garantee to be 100%
    Sooo, thanx again! I know that’s lame in conparison(oops, I can’t spell LOL) but thanx anywayses all the same

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