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Free Sample Atkins Starter Kit

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This Free Canadian Sample aims to have you forget all about carbs.

Carbs who? you never knew carbs. In fact, you don’t want any for the rest of your life.

Okay so maybe not. And probably exactly the opposite. (Who doesn’t love bread and pasta?)

But that IS what this free sample from Atkins is all about. The lessening of carbs in your diet, and the increasing of lean meat.

It’s about teaching your body to use only what it needs. And according to this Canada sample, it doesn’t need 90 pounds of rice with a side of scalloped potattees.

As a bonus for signing up, you get to witness this chick in a video telling you about how your life will be altered, now that you’ve signed up.

She’s the latest endorsement personality for this free sample, and she used to be on Ally McBeal! And I just saw her on Two and a Half Men the other day. Look what she’s packin’ underneath, ya’ll…

Dayum, Georgia! (That was her lawyer character’s name.)

In any case, you’ll get a recipe book, a carb counter, and some coupons in your free Canadian sample kit.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for the sweet and sexy science of Atkins. (Seriously, that’s their tagline.)

**Way to be, Musicnut!

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