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Free Sample Calendar & Magazine

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The Free Canadian Sample is a two-parter. Or a one-parter, depending on how much you enjoy self denial. (You sick little sampler you.)

There’s this company, y’see. They’re called Rosenberg Castello, and they deal in Italian food. They’re American, but they have a Canadian version of themselves called Tre Stelle®. Chances are you’ll recognize the name, since their brands are pretty well known ’round these parts.

With this free Canadian sample you are invited to join their recipe newsletter. Now, recipes are great and all, but don’t worry. That’s not the best part. As an option with the subscription, of the little boxes you can tick requests a free 2010 calendar. Which is sure to have amazing pictures of hearty food.

The year is still young, so you can keep track of the 8 months we have left in 2010 with this free Canadian sample.

Ps, am I the only person in the world who always checks out the picture on their birthday month? For a weird sense of birthday pride (or disappointment) that doesn’t necessarily mean anything? Please let me know if you share this random quirk of mine.

Anyhow, part 2 of this free Canadian sample opportunity can be found in yet ANOTHER little tick box on the newsletter form. It’s a subscription to a nice little recipe book with tips and coupons and such. So look for the box, particularly the one that says:

“I would like melt Magazine mailed to me at the address provided above. (Melt Magazine is only mailed to Canadian addresses. You must be a melt Online subscriber to receive melt Magazine).”

Make sure you tick these specified boxes, or else the link will mean nothing to you.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for your calendar and magazine, and be sure to click the appropriate boxes!

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One Response to “Free Sample Calendar & Magazine”

  1. Christine says:

    Nope, you re not the only one who does this, lol. why? i don t know.

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