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Free Sample Canada Cat Food from Catster

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Get your own free sample pet food from Caster for your cat just by creating a profile on catster. I’m not going to lie. Getting this free sample for you cat does require 1. verifying your email 2. creating a profile for your cat. 3. uploading a picture for your cat. After you’ve done all that you just visit this free sample page and get your free cat stuff.

This free cat sample also will not 1. give your cat super powers 2. give you a dating life 3. help you create an evil cat army. 4. give you enough free cat samples to feed your cat for a year.

Now that I got that out of the way, sign up for this free canada sample and enjoy. Just remember to do the first 3 steps I told you at the beginning then click the link below.

Free Sample Canada Cat Food from Catster
Sign up via this link

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6 Responses to “Free Sample Canada Cat Food from Catster”

  1. chirpsoul says:

    This offer is valid in the United States only.

  2. SantaJoe says:

    If this is CANADA SAMPLES, why is this only offered in the U.S.A.???

  3. admin says:

    this is offered in canada too, scroll down to choose your province

  4. Louise says:

    To fill in all that info., register both at Caster and at Royal Canin, only to find out the the offer is good in the United States only!
    Please be more careful when posting CANADIAN freebies!

  5. Louise says:

    P.S. Yes, you can enter a province abbreviation on the request form. However, when you submit the request, the last thing stated is that the offer is good in the United States only.

  6. Constance says:

    Don’t know who you are? Work for this web site do ya,
    please be careful when posting.. exuse me what was that again?!!
    ….please don’t be so rude!
    This is a FREE site with FREE samples for all to enjoy, for FREE!!!!
    A job very well done by all whom partake, I for one appreciate,enjoy and aplaud the staff of this site tremendously and will all the more for exusing my horrible spelling.
    I, myself wrote once & complained about the time and effort and blah, blah. blah….to later think, what fre***ng nerve do I have! This site doesn’t have to be here, for what, why and for whom….’US’ ungreatful public, with a constant ‘bitch’ fest going on about this ‘freebie’ & that ‘frrebie’- that took too long to get to us or that ran out too quickly and so on and so forth.
    Give it up people!
    I get some rockin FREE stuff, just lately even…. wholly man
    a whole weeks worth of free Calium,name brand, free bag of name brand, 2kg, cat food 2 bags!! Tampons,pads, greetings cards electonically made up, Huge & sent anywhere in the world to whom ever you want and they actually got there!
    Thats just this past week and to only name a few ladies and gents….
    I’m only writing this because sooo many of ‘us’ complain instead of giving credit and saying;
    Hey man or Hey people;
    “Thnax’s a lot for doing me, ‘US’ a great FREE service!”
    We really appreciate your efforts and you don’t go unnoticed or un thought of, thanx’s again.
    “Happy Hal’loween!”
    your fans,Canada

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