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Free Sample Canadian Flag Posters

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Who needs a real Canadian flag made from poly cotton when a free sample can be delivered straight to your door print on good old paper? Sure this free sample flag poster isn’t going to be something you’ll hang up high using your flag pole, but this free sample does give you a little history on the possible flags that could have been for Canada. Sure we are all used to the maple leaf flag, but according to this free sample, the flag could have just have easily been with the British symbol right in there as well.

So check out this possible flags, keep in mind to get the free sample it will require a little mailing on your part.

Get more info via this link

To get this free sample you have to:
To order actual size posters (24” X 32”) at no charge, you can write the Department of Canadian Heritage, 15 Eddy Street (15-7-A), Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0M5 or via electronic mail:, or phone 819-997-0055

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5 Responses to “Free Sample Canadian Flag Posters”

  1. bdidol says:

    Seems to be a great offer! Sending a request right now..

  2. Kerri says:

    What a great idea — good to bring up to the cottage & hang out on the deck on Canada Day to celebrate.
    The Grandkids would like them too!!

  3. I don’t know about the spam word. I am way past that point in my life.
    I am sending a message about the flag poster. I don’t know how many people are aware of this, in Canada, but you can get a free cloth( full size for regular flag pole) Canadian flag from your Federal MP’s office. I got one about 4 or 5 years ago for my husbands’ birthday. I bought him the flag pole and the flag was a freebie. We are just waiting on a new one to arrive since the other one is getting rather thin looking. They have a limited supply( supposedly) but it does not cost you anything. I always figure if there is something that I can get for free, from our government, I am going to collect on it. We pay for it many times over with our taxes.
    Brenda Goodine

  4. Louise says:

    I’m sending for one of these intersting posters.
    Just a note about free maple leaf flags mentioned by Brenda:
    We have requested and received an original and later a replacement Canadian flag – which had to be supplied to us by our separatist Bloc Quebecois M.P. – sweet!

  5. charissa123 says:

    Thank you for your e-mail of November 8, 2009, requesting information on obtaining a 3’ x 6’ Canadian flag.

    The Department of Canadian Heritage does not issue complimentary flags to organizations or individual Canadian citizens; however, they are readily available for purchase in larger Canadian cities through the Yellow Pages or by consulting the Internet, where flag retailers are listed. Prices of Canadian flags vary, and in general, the more expensive flags are made of longer lasting material.

    Andrée St-Louis
    Agente d’information et de distribution |Information and Distribution Officer
    State Ceremonial | Cérémonial d’État
    Patrimoine Canadien | Canadian Heritage
    Gouvernement Canadien | Canadian Government

    Charissa Miller

    08/11/2009 01:46 PM


    canadian flag

    I would like to request our Canadian Flag
    Thank you
    thats what i got from this link,
    and as to the mp…here’s his letter:
    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, MP offices are given a limited
    supply of Canadian flags. We typically only provide flags to the legions
    within our constituency. However, there are various places online where
    flags can be purchased.

    Dawn Rouncville
    Constituency Assistant for
    Brian Storseth, MP
    Westlock-St. Paul

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